Scheduled Program

  • 8:00

    Registration & networking

  • 8:55

    Chairman's opening remarks & Ice breaker sessions

  • 9:00

    Keynote: Rise of machines to mega warehouses

    • Amazon effect on warehousing practices, how has it changed the landscape for others in the industry?
    • Rise to meet same and next-day delivery demands leading to need of machines & mega warehouses.
    • The demand for industrial real estate.
  • 9:20

    Exclusive Insight: Transformation of warehouse|DC using Artificial Intelligence

    • AI becoming integral and connecting the channels.
    • AI as a tool capable of driving improvements that are critical to the success of your organization.
    • Impact on the data collection and decision making aspects of running a warehouse.
  • 9:40

    Case Study: Emergence of new tech integrations in the WMS - efficient warehousing system

    • Implementing a WMS solution to provide a more efficient, flexible, stable and scalable warehousing system.
    • Improvising predictive maintenance.
    • Analyzing data to capture new insights.
  • 10:00

    Panel Discussion: Adapting Automation & Robotics in warehousing: discussing the benefits and effects.

    • Increase in supply-chain productivity through increase sorting capacity, reduction in labour cost & less human errors.
    • Frequent upgrades in rapidly changing technologies.
    • Cost implementation in the present for future ROI
  • 10:30

    Networking Break

  • 11:00

    General Discussion: How to optimize warehouse processes for higher productivity and lower operational cost?

    • Understanding how to get the right people, give them the right process, then putting in the right technology.
    • How can the Internet of Things benefit warehouse productivity and efficiency?
    • Shallow labor pool for warehouse work in many locations.
  • 11:20

    Case Study II: Big Data analytics for smart warehousing & distribution centers

    • Addressing the challenges to fit for purpose, and emerging technologies that can support capability development.
    • Identifying emerging technologies that can support capability development.
    • Supply chain through SMEs.
  • 11:40

    General Session: Leveraging technology in 3PLs- landscape and strategies

    • 3PLs go real-time to maximize results
    • Choosing a right 3PL for your organization and how to grow your 3PL warehouse
    • Opportunities for new sales and profitability
  • 12:10

    Panel Discussion: Re-imagining omnichannel customer experience - from warehouse to delivery

    • Addressing the benefits and challenges of having a fully automated system.
    • Importance of inventory data and visibility are crucial in omnichannel retail environments.
    • Overcoming the challenges of omni-channel e-commerce in distribution operations with the help of automation.
  • 12:40

    Networking lunch

  • 13:40

    Panel Discussion – Warehouse automation accelerator for the E-commerce explosion

    • Compressed fulfillment and time horizons.
    • Warehouse automation characteristics in high demand.
    • Today’s fulfillment demand
    • Accelerated pace of change and increased uncertainty.
  • 14:00

    General Session: Industry 4.0, realizing the value of data.

    • Meaningful data through cost-effective sensors in warehouse.
    • Diagnose problems at the machine-level with use of data.
    • An ecosystem in itself driving the distribution operations for your warehouse.
  • 14:20

    Fire Side Chat: Best practices: Industry 4.0 effect in warehouse and distribution.

  • 14:50

    Coffee break

  • 15:10

    Panel Discussion: Warehouse & DC: Prediction 2030 in Middle East

    • Robots independently working in warehouses.
    • Wearable tech prevalent in warehouses of the Middle East.
    • Opportunity for technology enthusiast while adverse effect on the job market.
  • 15:30

    Futuristic Session: Game Changers AR & VR

    • Warehouse architecture remodeling or layout planning.
    • Scope of optimized picking, pick and pack services.
    • Drone technology’s limitations that may be overcome in the near future.
  • 15:50

    Futuristic Session II: Deploying warehouse drones for inventory surveillance

    • Drones for expediting inventory checks in warehouses, usage of drone scan & RFID scanners.
    • Government norms and acceptance in the middle east region
    • Drone technology’s limitations that may be overcome in the near future.
  • 16:20

    Chairman’s closing remarks

  • 16:25

    Coffee and handshakes

  • 17:00

    End of conference